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DIY Halloween Monster Makeup

Looking to be a swamp thing, zombie, or mud monster this year for Halloween? Look no further than this amazing DIY makeup tutorial from Bruna Nogueira in Hollywood Makeup Lab.


I know a quick and dirty way to turn this fair maiden into a terrifying swamp creature.


Here’s What You Need:

Mud Pack Masque

Brown shadow and blush powder

Metal spatula


Warm water

Hot towel

NOTE: People with allergies and sensitive skin should check the ingredients before using. 


Mix together a squeeze of Mud Pack Masque and a pinch of powdered “dirt” makeup made from mixing several shades of brown shadow and/or blush powders. (Never use real dirt for an effect, as it can be easily washed or sweated off.) 


Apply the mud-dirt mixture to the skin with a spatula. 


Blow-dry while you work, in order to create cracked, dry parts in the mud mixture. 

And to remove the makeup, just use warm water and a hot towel.  Instant swamp creature! 


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