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Classic Friday Reads: #PEEPWARS2014

Have you ever rallied your marshmallow army of chicks against the opposing bunnies of a foe? 

Here is how Peep Wars work:

- Opponents choose a peep. Generally this is bunnies vs chicks.

- Place them on a microwave safe plate.

- Arm them with a toothpick. (or forage for other microwave-safe weaponry)

- Place them inside the Arena (a microwave) and press start. (Less than 30 seconds - no fires, please.)

- The peeps will start to expand. The first peep to stab the other wins.

Today, we will be pitting classic literary rivals against each other. 

  1. Sherlock Holmes VS Moriarty
  2. Dracula VS Van Helsing
  3. Mr. Darcy VS Mr. Wickham
  4. Snow White VS The Evil Queen
  5. Poe VS The Raven

Keep watch for the winner by following the hashtag #PEEPWARS2014 on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Send us your photos of your Peep Wars and you could win an available Knickerbocker book of your choice! Just email your photos to qgeekbooks (at) gmail (dot) com.

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